OK....week one done on the P90X+O schedule. Feeling awesome! I finally figured out my new Timex Ironman Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor and WOW....I have been slinging some calories. Example....PLYO Day....52 Minutes, Max Heart Rate 180, Total Calories Burned - 980!!! Today we finished up the week with Kenpo Cardio+ from P90X+....41 Minutes, Max Heart Rate 181 - Calories Burned - 832!!! I'm loving these numbers. In staying with the schedule posted, I'm ready to hit week 3 so I can test out the Interval workout from P90X+ for calories roasted!

I'm gonna love this new schedule!
Anyone hit Insanity yet? In looking at the video material, it definitely looks insane. I'll be checking it out after this round. I'm also considering some mini-triathlons. Gotta get a bike first though. We shall see...if anyone wants to donate to the Branson Bicycle Fund or knows someone who wants to trade out some clothes that are too big, let me know....HA!

Hope all is well with everyone....please let me know you are still out there.

God Bless!