P90X+O Week 2

WOW....week 2 in the books feeling great. This new schedule is a great change yet still familiar enough to keep the flow going. Christina and I finished week 2 of the new workout, however, we skipped Legs & Back and "why"....we teamed up Saturday and did a Mini-Sprint Triathlon. How much fun was that!!! I did the swim and the bike and Christina did the run. The distances weren't much, but neither of us had ever done any sort of Triathlon and didn't want to overdo it the first time out. I had not swam any type of lap in about 10 years and had only biked the couple of times I mentioned here in my blog in probably the same time frame. My adrenaline was flying and my heart was pounding just do to the unknown and my competitive nature. Grant it, it wasn't a competitive race, but it was for me.

I hit the pool for the 175 yard swim and forgot to start my timer on my heart rate monitor only to remember after a couple of lengths of the pool. My heart rate was already in the 170's....so much it was hard to get a breath swimming. I was more focused on the bike ride ahead of me anyway. So...out of the pool and to the transition area, I threw on some socks and shoes and jumped onto my borrowed bicycle and hit the 6.5 mile route. Let me tell ya, I tore it up! I passed at least 20 to 25 people keeping the same pedaling rhythm throughout the race. I hit 25 mph on the flat spots only dropping to 16 mph once climbing a pretty good sized hill. Once I finished, I handed the timing strap to Christina and she finished us off running 1.5 miles. I am so hooked and its time to find my own bicycle....any suggestions? I'm currently looking at a Giant or a Specialized. Anyway....here come the shocking numbers....in 27 minutes, my heart rate averaged 184 BPM and I peaked at 191!!! But...I did burn 705 calories! Awesome. And yes, I'm hooked. Next Triathlon here is open water (I think I'll team up again with a buddy and just to the bicycling...12.1 miles)

Well, got this week of with a freaking, sweet workout....30/15! This is from the One on One series with Tony Horton...for $20 you can't beat this one. It is Push Ups and Pull Ups! That is it! I started doing 20/10 for the 1st half and then backed off to 15/8. Wow, what a pump. 200 push ups and 108 pull ups in 1 hour. And talk about CORE!!!

Hope all is well! If you have any questions about Beachbody Products or Nutrition, please let me know.

God Bless.