A New Fitness Love

OK, I'm a slacker...I just noticed that it has been 2 months since my last post. Believe me, I haven't been slacking off on my fitness and nutrition. But.....After my last post about the Mini-Triathlon, I bought something I've long needed, but definitely had never been in the shape to have. And this purchased changed up my weekly routine....big time. I bought a 2009 Specialized Allez Sport Compact Double.....Oh YEAH!!! And talk about calorie burn! I've been riding on a 3 day per week workout schedule doing about 15-20 miles on day 1, 20-25 miles on day 2, and then 30 miles on day 3. Now that I'm 5 weeks and 1 rest week into it....I'm ready to push on up to 50 miles. On the 30 mile rides I've been burning about 1,800 calories, but these have been, to my calculations, Carb and Glycogen calories not the Fat Calories I'm after.....so I need to work on the longer rides being not so....gear grinding.

On my non-riding days, I've been sticking to a mix of One On One w/ Tony Horton, P90X and P90X+.....stuff like 30/15, Just Arms, Upper +, Fountain of Youth Yoga, and Ab Ripper and Abs Core+. These are great workouts to keep the upper body in shape! But I can tell you if I jumped in and did any Plyo now, I'd be jello.

Christina is now doing Insanity and is 2 weeks in....with that I've committed to going Insane once its too cold to ride, so I'm kinda torn with the weather right now. I'm loving Cycling, but looking forward to another program like Insanity.

God Bless!