P90X Again - IntervalX

Well...as you read in the last post SHIN SPLINT....took a couple of days rest to recover and also discovered a rotated vertebrae after visiting my good friend and chiropractor. (Also a P90X'er)....goodness....Couldn't do resistance because of the back, couldn't do any good hard cardio because of the stinkin shin. I guess I needed to rest.

Tonight Christina and I hit IntervalX....still gimpy I figured we'd get something short in. Well....as the storm sirens blew, we had to pause and watch the weather a few times, but eventually we got through it....great workout...one of my favorites.

Oh...I won today!!! Autographed copy of One on One Bun Shaper. Not the One on One I would hope for, but...I WON!!!! So, I guess if I shape my buns with the help of the DVD, I could say that they are Tony Horton Signature Buns!!! HA!!!

Had a great LifeGroup last night....deep open discussion on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with focus on Tounges and a personal prayer language. Awesome discussion, which just opens us up for the rest of the summer session. And leaves us with a question...."Do you believe what you read, or read what you believe?"

God Bless!