P90X Again - Chest & Back and Ab RipperX

Crush....Crushed that workout tonight! What a pump! Who can beat good ole Push Ups and Pull Ups? And to top it off using the P9oX Power Stands invented by Tony Horton himself! Speaking of Tony Horton, Christina and I yanked out both the PC's tonight and did a bit of chatting with Tony in the Beachbody Chat Room tonight....I bet you'll never guess what the majority of the questions to Tony were about.....give up? NUTRITION! Folks, if nutrition is got you stumped contact Christina and I and we will be more than happy to help you on your way. We know what has worked for us and its isn't difficult. You will get it. And the great thing about a good nutrition plan tailored to your workout is that it is good food! Good tasting and good for you! You don't have to loose flavor and eat boxed crap with a numbering plan to eat healthy.

Anyway...I love Ab RipperX!

Looking forward to a good cardio day tomorrow. Plyometrics or IntervalX....hmmmmmm. I'll leave that to pre-workout.

BTW...want to give a shout to Marcos and Jordan Arriaga, two guys who I am DARING to do P90X! Can you Bring It?

Eat Right....Eat Plenty!