P90X Again - Kenpo CardioX +

Kenpo CardioX + from P90X+ is a great, great workout. 40 Minutes of solid Cardio using everything you've gotten out of KenpoX with a whole lot of Cardio....even in the breaks. Today we reunited with our LifeGroup at the park and enjoyed a couple of hours getting ready to kick of our summer semester of LifeGroup...then, some much needed rain rolled in. During our time at the park, I tweaked an old condition of a nasty shin splint....This nasty thing all started when I wrecked a 1949 Dodge Pickup in highschool and was pinned underneath it as it laid on my lower legs for an hour. Permanant dent in my leg and a nagging issue with one shin....hate the feeling, but gave it a good stretch and rolled through the workout tonight. It felt great until we quit but now I'm giving it a good ole ice down.

Getting a lot of calls and interest from people again in getting into the Beachbody workout programs. Amazing the waves this business goes in. I think that is true, historically with Beachbody. What an awesome company to get involved with as they keep pushing forward with a drive for fitness and to change our country from being so FAT. If you'd like to get involved in one of the programs or in being a coach, please contact me.

I'm really looking forward to a summer of LifeGroup this year. We usually take the summer off, but with the growth of our church this year, we know how successful LifeGroup is in building God's kingdom from a ministry standpoint. And that is why we are here. Looking forward also to sharing more on here. God is....