P90X Again - Chest, Shoulders & Tris and Abs Core+

Grrrr. Anyone else just love Phil in this video? He reminds me so much of a grumpy ole fisherman from the Northwest. How can he be an attorney? Funny!

Great workout today, again came home for lunch so Christina could do lunch with a friend. Hopefully selling lots of the "X"!!!! Chest, Shoulders & Tris....always good. I pushed hard hard hard today and got to the Airborne Push ups and was way pooped....so I clapped only. Yep, pooped. Abs Core+ is a great workout to finish with, a blend of Abs and Core, but a lot of Total Body. Part of the P90X+.

I hate to keep ranting about nutrition, but again today I had someone who is working out hard at a gym (Cardio and now Resistance) tell me, "I'm hungry all the time." So...I asked what he was eating....Do you think it was enough? NO! But...he argued with me that because of his age (50's) that its not as easy as it is for younger people to shed weight. Dang the excuses! People are so afraid to eat. Eating good, whole foods is not going to make you fat if you are on a good exercise regiment. Eating an 8 oz chicken breast, is no where near the same as eating 8 oz of chicken fried steak!!! Don't fear the food! If you feel hungry, that means you are...FUEL YOUR BODY! As I started this post..."GRRRRR!"