P90X Again - IntervalX+

Sweat Dump....can I get a towel please?!? If you are done or close to being done with P90X, seriously consider P90X+...Its workouts like IntervalX+ that get you realizing that there is more that you can push your body into doing and it feels great! Short workout, but super packed full of cardio burn! Awesome.

OK....I have to do a little nutrition talk here. Folks, if you don't think you are loosing enough weight while dedicating yourself to P90X or any other Beachbody workout....do not, DO NOT, drop your calories! It's all about muscle confusion not calorie confusion! 1200-1400 calories is not going to cut it on these programs. If you want to burn fat, kick up the proteins and simply eat good for you food! If you modify a car to get better gas mileage and performance, you don't empty the fuel out of it.....do you? When you try to drop calories and do these workouts, you are doing exactly the same thing....robbing your body of fuel. Did anyone else read the P90X Nutrition Guide? (Weight x 10) x 1.2 = Caloric Need just to live....now add 600. This is for real and it works. To think you are going to burn at least 800 calories doing Plyometrics....imagine why you feel bonked if your intake for the day is 1200....sheesh. Christina and I have talked to so many people who are getting into these silly "Cardio Boot Camps" at the gym who are simply not eating enough good food. These boot camps are pushing 1200 calories and having people do hard cardio 6 times per week!!!! Stupid! And to think they are making money this way. Not to say they won't lose weight and inches, but they are losing muscle in the process and will not keep off the weight. OK ramble over! Eat Right and Eat Plenty!