P90X Again - Back & Biceps and ABRipperX

I really like that workout....and with the pull ups getting better and better I'm really liking the results I'm seeing. What I don't like right now was the "3 Day Weekend" that we just came out of. I spent a late night Friday at a customer site only to have to return Saturday to get pooped big time. But...I did come home and knock out Upper+ from the P90X+ Series....these are a great addition to P90X as there are some great workouts to checkout!

Sunday, we headed to an old friend of Christina's in Wichita Falls, TX....a 3 1/2 hour drive, but worth it knowing that when we left, they were well on track to P90X success. They're going to do great! I did however, while we where there, discover that having a pull up bar on a normal 7 foot door sucks! Kevin had his pull up bar in about an 8 1/2 foot door which I had to reach up to....OH I've been missing that!!!??? I was yanking out pull ups on that thing like you wouldn't believe! Even a couple of one handed chin ups! DOH!

Well after today's Back & Biceps and Abs I had Christina take some pics of the back results....(seems like the popular pic these days)....I'm pretty happy with the results.