P90X Again - Upper Body+ and Ab RipperX

WOWY! (don't forget to WOWY)....That was a great workout pre-UFC fight! Now I'm gonna feel like I can beat Evans....HA! Great upper body workout. I was hittin the pullups hard tonight, thanks to the BeachBody P90X Pullup Bar! Lots of core work in that one. If you are getting close to the end of P90X.....I do encourage you to check into P90X+. It is an awesome way to continue the muscle confusion.....Remember, that is what got you to where you are!

Ab Ripper was great again. After getting my rear handed to me by Upper+ what better way to top it off than with my favorite....Ab RipperX!?!? No 70 Mason Twists tonight, but thanks to Demi's challenge I put a dumbbell in my hands.....8 pounder to be exact and ripped out 40 with that. Ugh City!

Hope everyone has a great and safe Memorial Day weekend. Mine just started today at 5:00PM as I had a big customer install that I had to watch over to make sure it went OK....its in and I'm out!

This weekend is dedicated to my Dad and my Mother-in-Law...Miss 'em both very much!

God Bless!