P90X Again - Interval X - Back & Biceps and Ab RipperX

OK....distractions of tornado's? No chance today. What a beautiful Saturday in Amarillo! Today I woke up late, **YES** with a desire to hit a serious P90X Hybrid workout, so....I got up, did the ole Saturday tradition for the boys...ran to Donut Stop and tested the old man again. WIN! Came home and hit half of Interval X again, Back & Biceps with the Bands and then the tightest Ab Ripper to date (I think)....good stuff.

This afternoon, is....well a day that I've looked forward to, yet haven't. 1st day at the pool for me. Honestly, this is a day I think a lot about the old me and how I know I looked. There is a part of me that still sees that old man in the mirror and thinks...."keep your shirt on." I know, I know...after this many days of working my arse off, I have nothing to be ashamed of, but this is new territory again. No, I'm not 100% where I want to be physically, but I have to just use this as motivation to continue. But hey, I'm real just like anyone else and like with the new spiritual me, I just have to let the new man out and remember....if anyone (including myself) wants to dwell on the old man, I just have to let the new man shine through.....So I think I'll walk around the pool FLEXING!!! HAHA!!!! I'm just so thankful that we (me and P90X) were introduced! What an amazing way to feel new again.

Anyway...off to a fun day with the boys!

God Bless!