P90X Again - Cycling X

OK....went to see my buddy and P90X'er, Dr. Eric Gomez, Chiropractor today...I have done a number on my lower Trap muscle....lots of pain, but with rest and prayer, I will heal. I really have to get out of the door jam for pull ups! So today in my high need for a workout, I pulled the ole mountain bike out and went for a high paced, 6 mile ride. That was definitely a fun little cardio workout. And with my new Father's Day gift from my boys (a Timex Ironman Heartrate Monitor) I was able to see that I max'd out at 175 BPM on my ride. And my back feels fine. Not too much to type tonight, my 4 year old is wanting me to play a little Halo before he goes to bed, so I'm going to!

Hope all is well....God Bless!