P90X Again - CardioX

OK...my back is killing me. I thought tonight I'd hit CardioX and take a little of the upper body stress of my back, but OH MY!!! I'm hurting. Time to get a bit of Chiropracticalistic tomorrow. UGH city!

Well....I did sweat my butt of tonight. After taking a few days off to let my back rest, we hit CardioX pretty hard tonight. Was trying to get as much stretching in as possible on the up/down dogs, but it didn't pay off.

On a cool note, I received my Tony Horton autographed P90X Shirt in the mail today along with my autographed copy of One on One 30/15. OK....that looks hard! I think I tweaked my back again doing a few of the "lever pull ups"....hard to explain, but they really require a lot of tension through the core to pull em off. I even did pretty well on the door jam bar. (hate it at my height) I'm so ready to build a pull up bar in my garage. I need something at about 8.5 - 9' off the ground. I'm eyeballing the design in Tony Horton's gym on the One on One series. Check em out.

Pray for my back, please!