P90X Again - More Biking X

OH yeah....I'm loving this little mountain bike sprint that I've been hitting. Over the last few days, I've been trying not to tweak my back yet still grabbing the P90X Resistance Bands for a few curls here and there. But last night grabbed the old mountain bike and hit the 4.5 mile course through the neighborhood, down and around our church (that's the 1/2 mile) and back home. 17 Minutes, Max HR 180 bpm, 381 Calories Burned. My butt was on fiyah!

Funny, yet sad thing about my mountain bike is that I had a road bike back in 1998 or so but didn't ride it much, Christina then won a Fuji mountain bike, so I traded mine in on a Schwinn Frontier (back when Schwinn was good) and then.....they both sat, and got moved, and moved again, and moved again, and....So here we are 10 years later and our bikes still have the little rubber nobbies hanging off the tread. Terrible. But....I'm changing that now.

My back is feeling better, but I still need a bit more rest. After that, I think I'll start over again on something....P90X, P90X+, Hybrid 90X, maybe Yoga Booty Ballet, or even Tony and the Kids....ummmmm.

God Bless.