P90X Again - Shoulders & Arms and AB RipperX

Oh yeah....Green Band is the stuff! If you haven't tried the P90X workouts with the bands you need to. The Isometric Burn is for real. Pick the right band, make the correct loop and don't forget to squeeze and breathe! All that and you will love the pump.

Tonight was a huge milestone in Ab RipperX....the most Mason Twists to date have been 50. But....tonight ------Ladies and Gentlemen.....70!!!! 70 Mason Twists! Oh yeah. And, I have to be real honest. I think right now, Ab RipperX is my favorite P90X workout! Yep...it is! Why wouldn't it be? I get to do it 3 times in 1 week. Yyyyyyes!

Well off to stuff some supper. Need some calories bad. Speaking of....that is one thing Christina and I are going to have to evaluate again heavily is the caloric intake. We have been slacking....time to up it and get back on a steady meal schedule. Don't let your nutrition slip....WAY TOO IMPORTANT!