P90X Again - Brutality

Can someone help me off the floor? OH CRAP! Tonight we went insane and it all started with a bit of IntervalX from P90X+.....OK, if that wasn't bad enough, Christina and I did Chest & Back as well. And....if that wasn't enough, we ripped out Ab RipperX to top it off. OK....it wasn't as bad as it sounds. We did the 1st half of Intervals and half of Chest & Back and all of Ab Ripper, but let me tell you....that was TOUGH! I don't know where I feel it the most, but I can tell you that was a cardio burn and the money of all Ab Rippers.

Tony Horton....why is it so easy to stack these workouts if it sucks so bad afterward? These combo's I've been dreaming up are just pure self torture. But as you say...."I hate it, but I love it!"

I'm off to do one last workout move......8 hours of YogaX's Corpse Pose!!!! GOOD NIGHT!