P90X Again - Day 2 - IntervalX

Can you say "CARDIO?" Interval X, which is part of the "+" program is awesome! This is a must....If you are doing P90X again, I highly recommend getting "+" even if its just to do Intervals....this is proven to be a must for Cardio work out as your heart rate is up and down over and over throughout the workout. In the long run, will help you recover faster while during your workouts. Money.

After reading Christina's blog, I started thinking about when the beginning of being "unfit" was upon me. And I can confidently say that it hits us all at the same time....right after highschool graduation. As an athelete in highschool, I was an intense Basketball player and was a State Track Champion in Oklahoma....but after highschool, even after going into the Air Force, my fitness was no where close to what it was. We can help change that. If any of you know kids who are ready to graduate and hit the "real world"....don't let em get into the same rut we all did. That "freshman 15" can be avoided. And all it takes is a little mentoring. We all grew up looking up to our coaches...now you can become a coach to someone and be a real motivator.

Speaking of "ruts"....I heard a good definition for that....A "RUT" is simply a grave with the ends knocked out.

By the way....have you tried Shakeology. This is a great plan of attack for those kids who don't seem to get enough nutrition through the day....also who can't use a little boost of nutrients??? Try it.