P90X Again - Day 1 - Chest Shoulders Tris - AbRX

OK....gut check and time to be honest with myself. Its not working on my own schedule. Its time to jump back into a hard core routine. I am starting P90X again, but this time in reverse (kinda)...I'm starting PhaseII of the program, but am going to run through the 90 day schedule again. Only difference.....I have the "+"....so instead of KenpoX, it'll be Kenpo Cardio+ for me. And then there will be Intervals thrown into the mix as well. But...BUT, I'm following the "X" schedule to get in the resistance that I want.

Tonight just proved my point. I want more and I need more of the schedule to stick to it again. CS&T's and Abs was the answer I needed. My Triceps feel like rocks, my shoulders are achy and my chest is tight....money. And to top it off on the Ab Ripper, tonight I did 10 extra on each move. And thanks to the "+" program, I again took from Abs Core+ and did the Banana Mason's instead of the Wide Leg Sit ups. Banana Mason is simple....start in Banana, sit up, do 5 Mason Twists...back to Banana and do it again, until (this time) you get to 35 Mason Twists. UGH! Feels good to be officially back into a schedule.

Hope all is well. As Christina mentioned in her blog...if you have or know someone with middle school, or high school aged athletes....get these kids to do P90X over the summer. I only wish I would have had this before playing High School Basketball! I would have dunked it anyway I wanted to! If you do it with them it'll also show them a bit of added discipline. And I know there isn't a kid alive that doesn't need more discipline! This is also a good time to consider being a Beachbody Coach...if you are interested or have any questions, please contact me.