P90X+ Still in a Holding Pattern But...

Well over the last couple of days I've committed myself and to others that I would get out today and take a little run, just to see how I felt. And today even though it is a little windy, I did it. I put in the ole' CardioX DVD to do the warm up portion and then hit the road. Wow....I guess I didn't realize just how windy it was. It felt OK, but my lungs were on fire after pressing into that driving wind. I didn't stay out too long....came home, hit a recovery drink (see below)...and then decided to check the wind....This picture is a shot of WeatherBug from my IPhone! Yes....45MPH Sustained Winds! 61 MPH Gusts! What a moron I am! I then jumped in the Jeep and drove the route....1 Mile, just under 10 minutes. I don't know if that is good or not, wasn't really going for time, just to see how I felt. Not sure anyone would feel good in that wind!

Oh, the recovery drink! If you haven't tasted the P90X Recovery Drink, it is amazing! Smooth and very flavorful. Wow! This thing is a MUST for post workout Recovery. Many people are used to recovering the "old fashioned" way and just waiting for your next meal, but I can tell you, you are robbing your body of essential nutrients....something is going to win....muscles & joints, or tired body. The Recovery drink really helps in reducing soreness and helps rebuild those torn muscles and tired joints! Check it out @ http://www.branson90x.com. Oh, don't forget to order your P90X+!!!

Hope all is well....I do want to congratulate Demi for completing a 10K run this morning. Glad you didn't see the wind we are having here. Great job!