P90X - Day 90 - CardioX and ABRIPPERX

We are done!!!! Done! Done! Done! Post later, we're going to EAT!

Yes...I finished with AB RipperX....What a freak!


OK...we're back...tonight was amazing. What a way to end the 90 Days....what a great feeling to finish and finish strong doing CardioX and Ab RipperX....Very happy! Wow!

OK...tonight we celebrated by going to the Outback. My 8 year old has really missed that place and tonight that was his choice. Yes, we ordered the worst appetizer known to man....Cheese Fries! Yes, I had a few....but honestly, just didn't really care for the taste. I used to love those things....so much so that I could eat a plate for a meal. NO MORE! I really couldn't even go hog wild either...went with a slow roasted pork sandwich and only ate half the bread. I do highly recommend that everyone have a meal like this when they are done, just to show your body that you are now on the same page...........................I feel kinda crappy now.

OK....back to the good stuff! Graduation day is here and its sooooo awesome that Christina and I did this together. Love it!

Now...if anyone reads this or any of your friends are on the fence about P90X....GET OFF THE FENCE and do it!!!! There is no excuse that works! NONE! This program is amazing and very do-able. All you gotta do is push "PLAY" on the 3rd day and your in for the 90! Christina and I had all of the excuses that anyone can use and we did it. And I thank God for the strength to get through this! Good stuff!

Time for a short rest. My body needs it.