P90X - Day 89 - Core Synergistics

Day 89 is in the books!!! This brings me back to my best round of golf ever....It was hole 18, we were finishing in the dark, I had about a 15' putt for even par....I took the putt.....missed it by 6". Why you ask....I can just see some weird crap happening tomorrow that would prevent me from saying...."I'm finished!" That would suck. But I won't let that happen. I can't believe we've begun the hour countdown to the Day 90 workout!

Today we pushed hard as we had only enough time to get everything in with no water breaks or ballistic stretches....wow what a sweat fest! Core is really a great workout when you "engage!" From the beginning we went for broke. Had to push pause on them as they were done with their stacked foot pushups at the beginning....we were still pushing em out. 45 for me, 40 for Christina! And so the burn started!

Tonight we start our LifeGroup back up after a couple of weeks off due to Spring Break and a special Prayer Night at Church....So excited to get back into the word as a LifeGroup Family! We will continue our series called "I'm Not Who I Was - Our Identity in Christ" What a great and necessary study. Next lessons that have been laid on my heart are studies on Our Death - Killing the Old Man For Good and "The Authority In Me". I love the challenge of preparing lessons around titles!

Hope all is well with everyone. Hope your spiritual and fitness goals are being met....If not, I know of some great coaches! :~)