P90X+ Day 7 - XStretch

Ahhhhh.....a good end to a hectic day. Hectic only from those from work. Amazing how I can get so much done with a 3 and 4 year old around, but I can only give credit to the prayers from my friends! My boys are so awesome and more importantly Christina is. I love the time I've been spending with our sons....tonight I took them out to eat, which at a busy restaurant can always be an adventure....they were great!

I've talked with Christina and she is having a great time. Amazing confirmations already. Wednesday night at LifeGroup she gave a word to one of the ladies who comes to our group...

Psalm 45:11 - So the King will greatly desire your beauty; Because He [is] your Lord, worship Him.

By worshiping God, He and everyone will not only see your outer beauty, but the beauty that floods your soul and spirit!

Thursday night when our Women's Director spoke, she addressed the women and shared with them a scripture that was on her heart....it was Psalm 45:11!!!!