P90X+ Day 8 - Back & Biceps & Ab RipperX

Well...today was a day to go back to classic for me. I know, I know, I'm starting the mix up of the schedule early, but I've been feeling the need for this workout all day. And...it was really worth doing. I've missed that one. I'm thinking that one will be worked in more often. I also hit Ab RipperX.....I had to get a couple of little ones out of the tub between B&B and Ab's and almost called it quits, but I have a goal and that goal is to get rid of the gut....and that is going to take work from the inside out and back again. Every day! Core, Abs, Cardio...burn, burn and more burn!

Its now 6:15 which means Christina's workshop has ran long by 45 minutes so far...praise God! She was ready and confident and nervous at the same time. I just know the nervousness was the Holy Spirit stirring. I can't wait to hear how it was!

Well...back to the "+" and Intervals tomorrow! Looking forward to that one.