P90X+ Day 6 - Kenpo Cardio+

Wow! Even Mr Wesley Idol could burn some goo on that one! Kenpo Cardio+ is awesome! Lots of moving, lots of burn....So important to have experienced P90X's KenpoX as it takes a lot of the punches, kicks, knees & blocks and throws them into new combos using a lot of cardio movement to keep you sweating and sweating a lot and next thing you know, you've just busted your butt for 40 minutes and it leaves you wanting more! That was absolutely fun.

Well Christina left today for Women's Retreat in New Mexico's Pecos Mountains....She is going to have an amazing time and an amazing opportunity to minister to a lot of women of how God raised her up to be an amazing child of His! Through being the oldest of 5 children and loosing her mother at the age of 16, she had every opportunity in the world to turn to the ways of the world, but God had mighty plans for her life. With the conference being sold to capacity, I know that God is going to place women with her that as a result will draw closer to Him as our father and our comforter. Please keep her in your prayers Saturday afternoon!

God Bless!