P90X+ Day 5 - Upper + and Ab RipperX

OK....the unknown is over. Upper+ is in the books, in the memory and tonight it was time to bring it and bring on some new burn. If you are doing P90X or P90X+ do yourself a favor and buy some Power Stands....They are awesome for getting an absolute full range of motion in your pushups. What a pull! Right now I'm feeling some serious chest & shoulder burn, unlike that of Pre-Power Stand pushups. Great workout tonight.

Then, at the last minute, I decided for some "old school" ab burn....through in Ab Ripper X and got the good Ab Rip going again and again, gained 5 more Mason Twists...that's 50. I can say now, that having the flexibility to mix and match the Classic with the + is going to be awesome. Money!

Tonight LifeGroup was amazing. We discussed Having Faith in the Promise of God. And how we must meet God half way when He sets our path before us, but how we must walk in Faith to achieve all that He has. Also how often our faith is tested and then tested again.

Have you ever found yourself after many tests thinking that you could return your "old ways" because you were "in control" then? Ask yourself....Were you "in control?" There was once a group of Israelites in the desert that thought they had it easier where they came from, but did they? When we begin to think like the Israelites did, we take our eyes off of what they did....God's Promise. How can we think anything is worth more? Being Christian is not easy...but through the tests we go through, if we focus on God, we always come out stronger.

Kenpo CardioX+ Tomorrow....can't wait!