P90X+ Day 2 - Interval X+

That was definetly a lung burner! Sweat, sweat, sweat, burn, burn, burn! All the way in and all they way out with one break and a lot of heart pounding cardio! That was awesome! Its been really interesting to see how I would feel now that P90X is over and we are faced with our new lifestyle....would I continue? I have my answer....oh yeah! I'm so ready to 'Bring It' again, I almost want to push in more workouts in the day....After doing yesterday and today, I feel new soreness in new places.

With that, I'm going to modify the "+" schedule a bit. Like P90X, it goes in 3 week/1 week intervals....I'm going to incorporate more of the P90X into it to create more of a variance. Either way, it gonna be good!

Today, Resurrection Day, at church was amazing. I had the honor in praying with a man who prayed for Salvation. He was Sudanese and his story was amazing. He had been forced into the Sudanese Army at a very young age and all he knew his whole life until coming to the U.S. was "death, hate, killing and no family life to speak of." Today, by the Grace of God, he became a member of a new family! It was so awesome! I then took him to our bookstore as he didn't have a Bible to see if he could order one in a language easier for him to read. While he waits he decided to find one in English which, thanks to our bookstore manager, was given to him. Wow! What a Blessing and Honor for God to facilitate this encounter! Praise God!