P90X+ Day 3 - Total Body+ and Ab Ripper X

OK....I had to pull back to some old. I guess officially my focus is my abs and core! Tonight was a great workout....Christina wasn't feeling well and it was getting very late, so I hit the Play Button at 11:15 Tonight....ugh! Total body does a great job of pushing a lot of strength and balance in a lot of mixed moves. It steps up some cardio through the moves as there is a lot of changing during and between each exercise. Pretty enjoyable, and of course in P90X fashion....LOTS of sweat! Great workout as my back today was very tight and very sore. I love some good soreness, but with a history of lower back tweaks, I'm always careful when my back starts to disagree.....and so it was over and time to make a decision....I couldn't help it. Ab RipperX hit the DVD player once again, and IT....WAS.....GOOOOOD!!!! Something I hated is now something I just love, love, love, love! Awesome! I even pumped out some bonus reps on the Mason Twists!

Well...two more days with Christina at home before she heads to the mountains for Women's Retreat with 5-600 other women, leaving us men to fend for ourselves. Good thing I have boys as its sooo much easier getting them ready for the day. I'm so proud of Christina for the awesome workshop she'll be teaching. Its hard enough to loose a parent at a young age, but to teach on her experiences and how God has built her into the woman she is today is just amazing. Please keep her in your prayers this weekend.

Yoga or something tomorrow...maybe a little XStretch!