P90X - Day 84 - KenpoX

Well after restarting KenpoX about 3 times, we were finally able to roll on through it. Oh my boys....oh my boys. I think this snow is having a weird effect on all 3 of them....even Buddy our dog is acting a bit strange. Kenpo was a great refresh tonight....It had been getting a bit boring, but tonight it was good. I was soooo sore after Legs & Back on Wednesday...was really looking forward to heating up the Hammys and the Buns....oh my buns were feeling like someone was kneeing them over and over. But they feel good now. Aren't you glad you're thinking of them? HAHA!!!

OK...as of this afternoon, I ordered it.....I ordered P90X+!!!!!! Pretty cool. I've also been researching the supplements a bit and have ordered the Slimming Formula as well as the P90X Recovery Formula. Once I get them, I'll be doing some reporting on em.

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