P90X - Day 83 - RestX

Well last night Christina and I had a great opportunity to have dinner with one of our favorite pastors and his wife from church and our LifeGroup. So we flipped days with today and went for a RestX day....with that in lieu of the upcoming last week of P90X, we are going to hit KenpoX and XStretch tonight....Can't do anything else as we are under a huge blizzard.

Getting excited about the upcoming extension of our P90X journey as we have become coaches and are going to push hard to assist others in their journey as well.

With that, I want let everyone know that Christina is back on Blogger!!!! christinabranson.blogspot.com....Please check out her blog (don't foget to become a follower!)

Thanks again for all of the support and kind comments.

Bring on the +!!!!