P90X - Day 85 - YogaX

Yes...I read that too....YogaX....Tonight after a long, hard, last week of P90X, we really needed a long, deep, muscle burning hour plus of Yoga. Although it was obvious we had not done YogaX in a while due to the lack of balance, I was still surprised with the improvements. Boy did that help the ole cheeks.

I can't believe this is the final week. I'm torn in my feelings as I still know I have a lot of improvements to go. But, my mindset is definetly way improved and I'm so into a better lifestyle. Christina and I have pushed and pushed hard. We are both ready for a short break, but also ready to keep pushing play. And this time.....the + !!!!

90 Days until the real heat of Summer....enough time to press on and bust out the rest of the goo-rid.

Core week begins!