P90X - Day 75 - Legs & Back and ABRX

OK...that's going to be felt later! After pushing hard on Plyo last night, right when we started Legs & Back, I started thinking..."this is gonna hurt." And it did. Wow. And of course, trying not to turn on the air conditioner in March, our room heats up pretty quick....but I love the sweat and I love the burn. Something got into me today though....I somehow started busting out Chin up/Pull ups one after another....hmmmm. Really great workout today. We did try something new on the "Groucho Walk"....after BB messed up one of my T-Shirt orders, they sent me a copy "One on One with Tony Horton....It is his Plyo/Legs DVD....on that, he modifies the "Groucho Walk" into what looks more like a Sumo Walk....(you know when Sumo wrestlers get into the ring and lift their legs side to side....with that he throws in a squat with a floor touch in between.....wow, you really feel it in your hips and butt.

Anyway...abs were abs....same thing. I felt like I had done that before... :-D

Well its Spring Break, so we'll be doing Kenpo tomorrow at the folks...not sure if I'll get a post in or not, but I'll sure try.