P90X - Day 76 - KenpoX

Ouch! OK...after legs and back my left hammy and butt cheek are killing me. Now that did not help. We headed over to Christina's dad's after Legs & Back on Wed and had to do KenpoX via Laptop....just like hoteling it. We pushed it hard, sweated our rears off and luckily had enough privacy to last the 1 hour session. But....those kicks really hurt. Oh well, I'll live. And don't worry...this aint stopping me from pressing on. Just glad we have a rest day to recover and then on to the money week!

I tell you what...(okie term)...trying to eat healthy in small town Oklahoma is hard. Those folks like their comfort food. We took our protein powder, skim milk and fruit with us so we could at least make some protein shakes in the mornings. But for dinner on Thursday we had to kind of offend and went out to eat to eat a bit of a healthy dinner. But we survived!!!

I can't believe the last week of the stuff is upon us...then 1 more recovery week and we're on to maintenance or "+" mode!!! Argh!