P90X - Day 74 - PlyometriX

Wow...today was a sweat fest....big time! Tonight Christina and I pushed it hard....it didn't help that it was 77 degrees in our bedroom...craaaaap. My knee is really hurting now...I guess I went deeper than ever. My heart rate was banging the top and there was a point about 3/4 the way through that Christina and I looked at each other with the "oh my I'm feeling it" look...

This week is spring break for most of Texas, so we are taking a break from LifeGroup....I forgot all about it and was totally prepared to bring a lesson. But...it'll have to wait. And it'll have to wait another 2 weeks as next week there is a large corporate prayer at church which will include many other churches in the region as we are in need of rain....big time!

Well its time for supper! I'm hungry. Grilled chicken and veggies tonight!