P90X - Day 60 - Cardio X and Yoga Belly 7

Day 60 is here!!!!! And gone!!!! Yes....this is an awesome day. And to celebrate Christina and I went out this morning ate a dozen cream filled donuts each and then met for lunch for the greasiest cheeseburger in town....and I can't forget the side of Cheese Fies with Bacon!!! And tonight...Cheese Enchilada made with flour tortillas and mateca lard!!! OH....I'm so KIDDING!!!!! HA!!! HA!!!!

Actually today was busy...back to a quick Protein Shake for Breakfast, a bar for a snack...late lunch of a sandwich with whole grain bread. Bar for a snack....Grilled Chicken Salad for dinner and then we hit Cardio X and Yoga Belly 7 tonight!!! Following it up with a great Recovery Drink.

I honestly think that CardioX / YB7 is becoming my favorite cardio workout.....(it sure isn't Plyo!!! :D)....Just the right mixture of each of the disciplines....And to finish off with the YB7 is pretty sweet.

Well...30 more days...30 MORE DAYS!!!!!