P90X - Day 58 - PLYO!

OK....we save Bacon Grease and reuse it....there has to be a use for these gallons of sweat I'm getting rid of....lets face it, its the same as burning the fat off of bacon....here I am sweating layer upon layer of fat and sweating my tail off....there has to be a way to sell this stuff. Maybe thats my solution to buying more clothing. Anyway....Wow...Plyo was exceptionally tough today! UGH! Maybe it has something to do with my Lats, Chest and everything else hurting today from yesterday's Chest & Back! Hmmm. Tried to keep up with Frog Boy today on the knee ups...only got 20 seconds into the double time's and had to go back to the singles. How does he do that every week....Is he doing that every week on your DVD too? :-) Anyway...was ready for the ole Recovery Drink today....big time!

On a more positive note....today marked the first official service from our new Worship Center...the numbers were awesome as we had just under 3,400 present, which means with volunteers and kids we were probably close to 4,200-4,500!!! And that was just today, Sunday! Saturday night there were 2,000 in attendance!!!!! Yyyyes! So awesome to see the fruits of the labor! Thanks for all of the prayers!

Arms & Shoulders & Abs & Pics tomorrow!!! Have to get the pics in post workout!