P90X - Day 57 - Chest & Back and ABRX

So it begins....Phase III. Jumping back to Chest & Back it mentally felt like we were starting Day 1 all over again....and....then....we brought it. Wow! What a difference 56 days makes. I am more amazed now then I have been....and of course more motivated. The push ups were great (hurt though)....Christina was jamming out 25 regular push ups...WOW! Most impressive. Now its on...we are seriously going to push each other through this last phase. Monday is picture day...and although I don't have a six pack showing, I can tell some big differences.

Now the part that is going to hit harder than ever....we have nothing to wear! I'm thinking about starting a new Charity for P90X'ers who have to replace their closets....so if anyone wants to give, you can start with the Branson90X Clothing Fund! Ha!!!!

This week Christina and I confirmed there are 3 more people who have bought P90X that we know...this thing is catchy. One lady has seen the results that we have had and all she needed was the name and the website....she ordered it today. Maybe this thing does work!!! HAHAHA.

Oh...Christina killed her blog due to a lot of work she has to do toward a speaking engagement at our Church's Women's Retreat....please keep her in your prayers as this could be the beginning of something special. She is an awesome teacher and minister with a huge heart for people...God has blessed her in many many ways with an awesome calling.....Plus...her progress will sound better coming from me as I can brag on her more than she'll brag on herself!