P90X - Day 50 - Cardio X

Alllllright.....Day 1 of "Rest" Week....I'll call it Core Week. Again opting out of Yoga, we went hard on CardioX....and I mean HARD. That work out is all good. I did try to jump higher and higher on the jump shots (memories)....but I kept hitting my hand on the ceiling, so...back to normal after I started laughing a bit. And yes, the Wacky Jacks were Grrreat!

Today I woke up about 5:00AM...WHY??? I was starving....I got up and read Daniel 1 -3 and laid back down and slept maybe 15 minutes more....woke up, did the normal Donut run for the boys and came home and decided to add a scrambled egg w/ ham wrap to my protein shake...it hit the spot and did last longer...I gotta do something to curb this feeling of hunger all of the time. I haven't felt the need to eat like this the whole time...why now?

Oh well....Core Synergistics tomorrow....feeling good.