P90X - Day 49 - Legs, Back & Abs

Nice workout today, but I could feel the fact that we rearranged this week...All in all it was pretty good....the boys were in and out inturrupting, but we pushed through, all they way to my favorite calf raises!!!! I don't know what it is, but I love em....Today I backed off from 30 lbs in each hand to 25 and decided again to go airborn on the last 10....(it is P90"X" right?)

OK...now to the problem I'm suddenly having this week....I have been starving all week. I haven't changed a thing, but I can eat and an hour later I'm starving. Is my metabolism getting back to the same when I was but a young lad??? I don't know if I can afford the groceries if thats the case...hmmmm.

Well....its been a busy, busy week and a tough one at that! It was a real blessing though to finalize our scripture meditation class on Wednesday. Its hard to balance everything, but with God, nothing is impossible!

Tomorrow starts Core Week....1 more week until Phase III begins. Oh my! Seems like yesterday we began. I'm so ready to press on.