P90X - Day 48 - Kenpo X

Well again after a loooooooong day of training, I got home tonight just in time to get changed and run a quick errand and roll on to our oldest son's basketball game....finally getting home to immediately go into Kenpo at 9:15PM....Man, that one is fun. This time we skipped one of the breaks just to push ourselves a bit harder. I'm getting to a point now where I feel like the 4 folks we're watching are going too slow...what is wrong with me? Am I.....closer to being...."in shape"????? Could it be?

All of the sudden, I'm really starting to see some definition in my forearms...really liking that. I did have to go get my wedding ring sized and believe it or not, I lost 1 1/2 sizes!!!!

And...and..I think I'll call it official....I am under 200 pounds!!!! I WEIGH UNDER 200!!!!

Awesome. Ready to keep bringing it!!! But...also ready for some sleep!