P90X - Day 51 - Core Synergistics

WOW....what a difference since the last Core Week....I have to say that that was awesome. In looking back to week 4, I was truly expecting to have similar numbers, but...wow...this stuff works. (Like you all didn't know that)...From the start with the Stacked Foot/Staggered Hand Pushups...the numbers were a huge increase from last time. Wow! Awesome. Such motivation for more! Bring it, bring it, bring it!!!

Tonight we're going out for dinner for the sake of the boys...I know they need a change of scenery and I'm sure we do to.

This week is going to be a busy week (not as busy as last but...)...have several customers to catch up with on some network designs and proposals, but the biggest thing is the preparation of moving into our new Worship Center at church! Such a huge step for our area and beyond. Wednesday we kick off a "mock" service for a trial run, and as Christina and I serve on our Altar team, we'll skip a week of LifeGroup (they'll be there with us) and attend...then Thursday night we begin a 24 hour prayer ending up Friday night with a dedication Praise & Worship service in the new building!!! Can't wait! Keep ours and all churches in your prayers....especially in these uncertain times. We pray for clear direction for all especially to keep their eyes on God and off of mammon! We also pray for clear, precise direction for Bejamin Netanyahu and he begins to lead the new Israeli government, and that his decisions are carried out swiftly.

Kenpo tomorrow! I think I'm going to push into Phase III diet a week early to get control of these hunger issues. I sure would rather be burning calories from food than muscle.