P90X - Day 45 - Back & Biceps and AB Ripper X

Yyyyyyes!!!! If the last one was money, this one is the gold representing the money....We really pushed hard tonight. After a mundane day of nothing but boring training, I was ready for some excitement. Tonight I upped a lot of weight on stuff like the "lawn mowers" and "Cogden Locomotives"....Nice! Pushed so hard, I can barely curl my Recovery Drink!!! And then came the Abs!!!! Tonight, I need to know, what got into us? I did em all....and all of them I did! Maybe, just maybe its because......WE ARE HALF WAY THROUGH!!!!! Oh the joy!

I can tell you the results are really starting to show....on me. Christina has shown results for a while now. I think I'll throw away the manzier and officially call these "pectorals"...HA.... (I really didn't own a manzier!)

Well....more crappy training tomorrow and then we'll hit the CARDIO X!!! Its getting fun again!