P90X - Day 44 - PlyometriXXXXX

Goooodnesss! Day 44 was a tough one today. I grilled some lean steak today with onions and peppers for a healthy version of steak fajitas....after letting that settle a bit, I took a little Sabbath Nap. Then....hit the Plyo. Ugh...peppers were re-tasty. I'm never going to say that Plyo is easy, as the more you squat the more it burns. I did match the dude in the back again in doing some double time knee lifts. Arrrgh.

Tomorrow is half way for us and I am excited to say that!!! Congratulations Christina!

This is the start of a really busy week though as I have a week of training to go to and have a week of sales to complete at the same time.....craaaap. Our lesson is already written for Wednesday's LifeGroup, but I know the Holy Spirit will always have something fresh to add. Then Thursday, I'm going to try to break away from training to be at the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Worship Center at Church!!!! How exciting. The latest number of members at our church is 8,500 and I'm so excited to have a chance to reach out to more and more people so they can experience the love at Trinity Fellowship. We're finally moving into our 4,000 seat Worship Center and it is awesome.

Until tomorrow!!!