P90X - Day 42 - X Stretch

Just what my bum needed!!! A good relaxing hour of stretching...man-o-man did my rear need that. Is it just me or does this plan seem to target certain parts and just go after them at random, week after week. My butt hasn't hurt like this in a long time, but for some reason.... Maybe I just pushed a bit harder this week with the legs and buttocks. Oh well....the burn is toasty and after tonight's much needed stretching I'm looking forward to a bit of relief. I sure wish I could stretch out my sinus cavities....gosh this sinus crap has to go...I'm fighting through it and am continuing to work hard through the work outs, but this crap can wear you down big time. I've been trying to slowly/carefully add some carbs in to build a bit of energy as I don't want to over do it....tonight I ate some extra rice so we shall see.

Well....week 3 of phase 2 starts tomorrow. I'm ready to push hard for some much needed results. I'm getting a bit impatient on my belly, but I just keep telling myself, or should say reminding myself, how long it took to air up that spare tire! Can't believe we're almost half way through and we haven't cheated on anything...One opt for a Rest X day other than Stretching and thats it. Good stuff!