P90X - Day 40 - Legs, Back & AB RiPPeR X

Today....Day 40!!! Went home today for lunch and busted out Legs, Back & Abs...still fighting a bit of this rotten illness it made it even more sweaty....amazing how much the body will flush out when your fighting a bug. Pushed pretty hard on the pullups today and was able to get some additional reps out....Abs were good as usual and I'm really feeling them now. Wednesdays are so busy for us as we have to squeeze in this workout along with finalizing preperation to teach our LifeGroup as well as have LifeGroup at our house. But I guess it just makes it all that more exciting to deliver what God has for us each week.

The theme for part of the Scripture Meditation lesson is simply...."Its not about me!!!" Too many times we let SELF get on top in our priorities....kind of like the Pharisees did. Hmmmmm. Even if we serve in the church we must ask or even examine ourselves to see.....Are we doing what gives us our identity or are we doing what God has called us to do to build His Kingdom? If the prior, then we are no different that those who knew the Tora, but only to boast in their knowledge. Where is your heart? God has a plan for all of us, its up to us to pray that we are in that plan and make the right choices as God would have it. How's that for working out?