P90X - Day 37 - PlyometriX

Wow...wow....wow. So I stayed in bed today instead of church. Christina went and said the message today was awesome as usual....as was our worship service.....Check it out if you want at http://www.tfchurch.org/. We were going to try to bust out Plyo this afternoon, but decided to rest it out a bit longer. Went ahead and got around to go to a Leadership meeting at church this evening and then Pushed Play at about 9:00PM....I'm sooooo glad I waited. I really needed all day to get the rest and liquids I needed. Ate a good Pepper Steak for lunch (see recipe below Day 31 and Superbowl) and ate a couple of corn tortillas to add a few carbs for energy. Plyo seemed to go buy pretty quick....I hope that doesn't mean its getting fun....naaaaaah. Felt great though to get the heart rate up and pour some sweat. I really enjoy the heisman's, but you can have the squat jacks!

Thanks for the prayers....I know without them, I'd still be in bed. God is so great!

So excited to get back to LifeGroup this week...continuing on Scripture Meditation and going to get real deep into the 4 levels of "digging in" used by Rabbi's of Old Hebrew Custom. Good stuff.

Back & Biceps tomorrow....whoohooo!