P90X - Day 36 - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and ABs!

Crap today sucked....I woke with a sore throat and although I tried to fight it off with some sinus rinses and some antibiotics, it tore me up during our workout tonight. I pushed through and matched or better'd everything I did last week, but afterward, I am feeling SPENT! Fever, bodyaches, chills, etc, etc....Took a little late evening trip to Urgent Care and talked to the doc about what was ailing me and also a bit of YogaX as he was into Yoga....amazing who you'll converse with about this stuff. Anyway....I'm going to try to get some Power X Rest tonight....Luckily NO STREP!

In the name of Jesus Christ I stomp on the head of this attack and pray healing over myself....I bind this pain and fever to be tossed back to the pit that it came from. ~ amen!

Light meal for me tonight, am going to see if I can cool off a hot bath....

Pray for me!