P90X - Day 30 - PLYOmetrics!

Sweat factory....oh my. Much needed flush out, but that is truly the "Mother of the X"....things are good and so glad we got that out of the way before the Super Bowl. Plyo hurts, but is starting to go by as fast as KenpoX. Took some 30 day pics today, but am going to have to get them on the computer to take a close look at the results. I see it in the mirror, but not sure if its a drastic enough change (yet) to post em up. Maybe at day 60....we'll see - ;-)

Going to grill some chicken, peppers, and onions for the game tonight, with some low carb corn tortillas. Usually I'm grilling up some awesome sauces and salsas, but we're sticking with the NutritionX soooooo....we'll ease off this year. Most of the stuff is pretty healthy, but there is a bit of oil in it and its too early in the game to add this.

Time to enjoy the game but as I'm a huge BEARS fan, it'll just have to be semi-sweet. I think I'll pull for the Cards though. I like Warner....so....