P90X - Day 5 - Legs/Back & AB RIPPER X

OK....I'm spent. This was brutal. I consider myself to have pretty strong legs....of course I should get specific as this workout does....My calves and thighs have always had some definition, but my-o-my....this Legs workout was amazingly full of serious burn. Very glad there were some leg rest but of course it was to work on the back which was a series of chin ups. We are still chin-up barless, so we are still using bands....but let me tell you...if you use the bands correctly, they work and work well....right now my lats are killing me. But, as this one again is new I'm so looking forward to the results so I can't hate it.....yet.

Round 3 of Ab Ripper X.....W O W!!!! Again, I'm so glad this is every other day cuz it hurts.....I know, I know...."Its supposed to!!!"

Tomorrow is a cardio workout I'm really looking forward to.....Kenpo X.

Just finished eating....so lets see how long until I'm hungry again.....I give it another 40 minutes. Burn that FAT!!!!