P90X - Day 4 - YOGA X!!!

OK....whoever wants to say that Yoga isn't a work out has never done Yoga X.....I'll have to say, I have never sweat so much in 45minutes as I did in the 1st 45 Minutes of Yoga X. I think I sweat out some organs....my goodness that is tough stuff. A lot of balance, a lot of static, core strenght, and man is it intense....1st time out, not too bad....obviously at this point, my fat body is not that Yogatized....I naturally have good flexibility, but kinda hard to get the balance while keeping the limbs straight. I'm looking forward to getting back to a point to where I can stretch like I did when I ran Track. I did get some great one-liners from Mr. Horton...."I recommend foot powder"...."Why do I always say 'tippie toes'?"....Nice relaxing comedy during Yoga X!

Thank goodness I'm following the Nutrition Guide though....Did I need the Vitamin intake!!! The food is good and if someone is doing this and coming from burgers and hotdogs, they are in for a real treat.

Overall I'm very pleased at how I feel and how my attitude is....This is do-able!!! Tomorrow is another strength building day....Back and legs, I think....and of course another round of AB RIPPER X.....but oddly, I'm looking forward to it. "I know it burns, its supposed to!" - Ha.