P90X - Day 3 - Shoulders and Arms and ABS!!!

Oh my....I'm feeling it now. Today my excitement was high, 1st day back at work and I couldn't quit talking about P90X....I should get a commission. With doing the Nutrition Plan as well as the Fitness Plan, I've never been so pumped about working out. Today more than ever, I was really looking forward to Shoulders and Arms to see what was in store, and man did it bring it. I have been using resistance bands as I don't have free weights yet....and they work and work well. My arms are feeling it. Nice.

Oh...and how could I forget....round 2 of AB RIPPER X....today I felt it all over, and was amazed at how many more reps I was able to do even after only doing it once....maybe it was that it wasn't the "unknown" any longer....maybe I just have a 6 pack hidden under all that belly fat and its just screaming to get out...(yeah right!)....Either way, I'm feeling it now and funny.....I'm loving this.

P90X Baby!

Tomorrow, we'll be working on some stabilizer muscles...Yoga X.